And all because we love Nooman

You have heard me jabber on about my sweet roomie Nooman in many of my blogs, and here today you are priviledged to see the stud muffin himself in action –

Doin’ the Robot!!!


About channahboo

I was once a Yorkshire lass, I guess I still am, but after moving to London and then on to Tel Aviv, New York and then back to Tel Aviv again, I wonder how much of the Yorkshire lass is left. The adventure continues and although many see my life as an extended episode of Seinfeld (you are free to laugh), I can also empathise with the Buddhist thought of life as our punishment. I guess the important part is the love that you carry with you through life’s journey and my back often feels the joyous strain of the weight of the love I carry.
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7 Responses to And all because we love Nooman

  1. Prince Javor says:

    the problem i have with that is that he’s only dancing with dudes….. is he a homo?…. maybe it’s a jewish thing

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yiddisher weddings… what can you do…At least it’s a good chance to try some new dances without embaressing yourself…

  3. elif says:

    ahhh nooman so sweet how you had to defend yourself anonymously!

  4. gils says:

    Oooh Nooman I love your way….

  5. IsraLuv says:

    this video has now been viewed over 3,000 times since it was blogged. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  6. elif says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    oh nooman!u sexy robot!i think im in lurve!! 😛

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